About the company
The headquarters of IMGRAD d.o.o. are located in Kidričeva cesta 75, 4220 Škofja Loka. The manufacturing facilities are in the Trata industrial area. The latter is part of the Reteče water protection area No. 2032.

Most of our clients are pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, power, car, plastic materials industries and chemical, biotechnological and measurement laboratories. The clean room standards are according to ISO14644 standard, particle classification 100–100,000 per 1m3, and FDA and GMP technical recommendations.

We offer our clients a variety of our products and other services:
  1. production of ceilings and walls made from aluminium, zinc coated, bactericidal and Inox (stainless steel) sheet,
  2. production of laminate wardrobes, sanitary and changing room lockers,
  3. production of sliding doors for changing room lockers,
  4. consulting services and clean room design,
  5. project documentation revision and planning – ZAPS A 0698 license number,
  6. production and assembly of clean rooms at the client’s premises,
  7. engineering services for more complex projects and the specific needs of the investors: air conditioning, clean room installation etc.,
  8. design and development of Al products,
  9. sprinkler systems,
  10. easy to install etc.
ISO ZAG certifikat