Business Policy
IMGRAD d.o.o. offers consulting, design, production, installation, validating and theoretical and practical training regarding clean rooms. Our focus is the development of our own comprehensive clean room programme. We provide clean room solutions for: pharmaceutical, power, chemical, and food industries and medical institutions and laboratories. All IMGRAD CR elements are validated and comply with the principal standards and technical recommendations for clean room installation:
  • ISO 13485:2003
  • ISO 14644-4:2001
  • EU-GMP
  • US-FDA
Our business policy is based on the following principles:
  • Using our knowledge we strive to achieve constant development and improvement, manufacture new products, and develop technological procedures. Moreover, we try to reduce the environmental impact and increase safety in the work processes in clean rooms. By setting measurable goals in all key areas of work we achieve constant development.
  • Our responsibility to protect the environment can be reflected in reducing and preventing environmental pollution, with a focus on preventive measures. We strive to use a comprehensive utilization of all repro materials, handling hazardous materials with care and saving energy in all stages of production.
  • We regularly follow and comply with the legal requirements, technical standards, other potential demands and recommendations of good practice linked to our field of work and products.
  • In order to achieve efficiency, good work and flexible project implementation, we encourage our employees to actively collaborate in the development of the company. We enable them to receive proper training in order to deliver good work, gain environmental responsibility and provide a safe and healthy work routine.
  • Our collaboration with our clients, suppliers, collaborating parties, subcontractors, and other interested parties is based on responsibility, efficiency and an open and honest approach.
  • The company management manages the company with a vision to achieve the maximum realisation of its business policies and company objectives, together with maintaining the product quality. The results show a constant increase in improvements: an increase in efficiency of work and product quality and with the satisfaction of all who collaborate with us.
According to the development, innovation and quality, IMGRAD d.o.o. is a leading company in the field of clean room systems in the region. Our aim is to become the leading innovative European provider of the relevant services and products, offering comprehensive solutions to clean room production, and achieving and exceeding the demands and expectations of our clients. We will also expand our scope of operation within the EU market and beyond its borders.
ISO ZAG certifikat