Planning and design
Prior to project preparation it is important to agree with the client and consider the type of activity that requires a clean room. Also the technology exercised inside the clean rooms, the type of products and personnel included in the process should be determined.

Using this data only the room classification can be determined. All the room planning, including all the details, the lobby area, utility rooms, material barriers, air conditioning ducting and other unit ducting have to be agreed in cooperation with: a technologist, who determines the technological process; an architect, who will dimension and design the room; an engineer, who will determine the air conditioning system and clean units, and finally an electrician, who will place all the necessary light and heavy current electrical installations inside the area.

In cooperation with other subcontractor partners and the client, taking into consideration the regulations and client needs, we can offer a practical completion according to the plan and within the arranged project price range.
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