Modular walkable ceiling system
The IMGRAD CR walkable ceiling system is modularly designed and has a thickness of 52mm. The clean ceiling can be dismantled and reassembled enabling the user to easily dismantle the parts and reinstall the structure in a new or the old spot.

The clean ceiling panels are made using format cutting, punching, sheet metal bending and sandwich panel gluing. The basic construction consists of aluminium profiles. Insulating rockwool is used as a filling material. Due to the sheet metal bending procedure the panel edges are rounded and smooth, which enables simple cleaning.

After the electrical installation and engineering projects, a cutout for the lighting system is made using the piercing technique and an additional reinforcing substructure.

The joints are sealed using a high-quality single component polyurethane elastomer sealant.

The modular panels are manufactured entirely in the production area and according to the approved plan, which enables a clean, precise and short assembly time.

The IMGRAD CR modular clean ceilings are made from different flat materials: aluminium, zinc coated, bactericidal or inox sheet metal.
ISO ZAG certifikat