IMGRAD CR airtight clean door
IMGRAD CR airtight clean room door is made of anodized profiles. The door edges are smooth and rounded. The door thickness is 45mm. The basic construction consists of the aluminium profiles and rockwool is used as a filling material. The material for the front door can be made from different materials: aluminium, zinc coated, bactericidal or inox sheet metal and HPL laminate.

Door closing and sealing is achieved by using invisible permanent magnets. The door wings have standard three pivot bushes. The pivot bushes enable 3D regulation. The handle for opening the wing is made of stainless steel sheet.

Two-wing or one-wing doors can have additional elements built-in: glazing IMGRAD CR panel, a self-closing mechanism, 4-spot adjustable self-closing mechanism and a ventilation grille inside the IMGRAD integrated interlock system.

The joints are sealed using a high-quality single component polyurethane elastomer sealant.
ISO ZAG certifikat